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Great News! The United States Virgin Islands Board of Psychology is excited to offer you the opportunity to apply for licensure online via the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB) Psychology Licensure Application System (PLUS). PLUS is an online system designed to allow individuals to apply for licensure, certification, or registration in any state, province, or territory in the United States or Canada. The PLUS allows individuals to apply, online, for licensure while enabling concurrent application for the ASPPB Certificate of Professional Qualification (CPQ) and Interjurisdictional Practice Certificate (IPC). In this way, application information is "banked" for any future applications to other jurisdictions or mobility credentials.

The United States Virgin Islands Board of Psychology is requiring that you use the PLUS system for your Psychologist Candidate application. You must first notify the USVI Psychology Board of your intention to apply and submit your application fee prior to applying through the PLUS system. The cost for the PLUS system is currently $200.00. By completing the PLUS electronic application form and providing all requested credentials, you will be creating a permanent Credentials Bank record of your education, training, experience and credentials at no additional cost to you. The Credentials Bank Program provides a way for psychologists to store evidence of their professional education, experience, prior licensure, exam performance and other achievements. Once archived, this information can be accessed and submitted to any psychology registration/licensing board, employer or other agency per the psychologist's written request. Utilizing the Credentials Bank helps to reduce potential inconvenience associated with documenting compliance with registration/licensure criteria, particularly long after one’s training and initial licensure.

What are the benefits to applying for licensure through the ASPPB PLUS program?

- Your application information is stored for future licensure needs with participating licensing boards. - Our PLUS Licensure Specialists are just a phone call or email away and are there to help guide you through the application process.
- Using our easy online application program will help in streamlining future licensing processes.
- All information collected as part of the application is deposited and saved in your SECURE Credentials Bank (CB). ASPPB has agreed to waive any charges normally associated with the CB application.
- Your record can be accessed electronically by you 24/7 and forwarded to any other licensing board, organization, entity, or individual, upon request at any time in the future.

In addition to using the ASPPB PLUS program to apply for your US Virgin Island license, you will be eligible for:

- Concurrent application for other ASPPB Mobility Services, such as the ASPPB Certificate of Professional Qualification (CPQ) and the ASPPB Interjurisdictional Practice Certificate (IPC).
- Waived application fees for CPQ and/or IPC (currently $200).
- Reduced EPPP score transfer fees.

To begin the PLUS process, please complete the Initial PLUS Application for Licensure form, submit to Virgin Islands Board of Psychological Examiners, Department of Health Roy L. Schneider Hospital,1303 Hospital Ground, Suite 10, St. Thomas, VI 00802 with the appropriate application fee. An ASPPB PLUS Licensure Specialist will contact you directly with further instruction.

Please note:

ASPPB does not determine your eligibility for licensure. When you submit a PLUS application for licensure, your completed application package is forwarded to United States Virgin Islands Board of Psychology, who will determine your eligibility for licensure. All applicants must now use the PLUS system

All forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader

Virgin Islands Board of Pyschological Examiners (PLUS Application)

Application for licensure in the USVI

Ethics Complaint Form

Emergency Commitment Form

Psychology License Renewal Package

Pre-licensure Contract for Psychologists and Associates

Post-licensure Contract for Psychological Associates